Innovative Multiplex ELISA Solutions

for research and diagnostic labs

ZERO adoption cost and 250% more efficient

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The Problem

Current multiplexing solutions require ~$50-125K capital investment that limits growth potential.  EasyPlex4 (EP4) is compatible with existing laboratory equipment with no startup costs.

For Research Labs

Analyzing blood Cardiac testing Troponin for Heart Attack, Lipids for cholesterol, AIC for Diabetes, T3 & T4 for Thyroid. You are using a traditional 96-well plate that is manual with low throughput. 

For Diagnostic Labs

Analyzing blood for ZIKA, Dengue or West Nile virus you are using a 384-well plate that is fully automated. However, the equipment costs start at $250K and required automated liquid handlers.  Organizations try to solve the problem through Multiplex, which is the way to bridge the gap between manual (96-well plate) and fully automated (384-well plate). However, the average spend is $75-$125k and it has limited adoption.

Celtein Diagnostics is dedicated to improving efficiency for independent research and large diagnostics labs everywhere.

The Solution

Celtein has developed the EasyPlex4, which is a Multiplex solution that provides higher efficiency with no equipment cost for both Research & Diagnostic Labs.

Combining the ease-of-use 96-well plate and results density of 384-well plate to create the EasyPlex4. Each load well of the EP4 is fluidically connected to 4 satellite wells. Novel design ensures that liquid added to load well is uniformly distributed to satellite wells.

Greater Result Density

Reading is similar to a 384 well plate via smaller satellite wells

Each satellite well can be coated with a different capture molecule allowing 4 parameter (analyte) measurement from 1 sample.

Multiple Operations

Liquid handling is similar to a 96-well plate via larger center well

Modern microplate readers are designed to read 96 and 384 well plates so users can use the readers already in their labs

The kit

EasyPlex Microplate

Hybrid concept of 96 & 384 well plate that is a simple, yet elegant solution to fill a critical need in the multiplex assay markets.

Assay Reagents

Antibodies, proteins standards, buffers, etc. A complete out-of-the box solution.

Validated by Celtein

Multiplex reagent kits optimized to perform 4-plex assays with comparable results to SinglePlex.

Half the Cost

$595/kit compared to $1,000/kit of competitors

EasyPlex4 will increase testing efficiency in research & diagnostic labs up to 250% with zero adoption costs

240 %
efficiency increase

Celtein’s unique multiplex ELISA platform is designed to be read in a 384-well configuration, so technicians can use the existing 96/384-well plate readers in their laboratories. Strategically engineered to serve fully automated diagnostic labs as well as independent researchers, this innovative method is the only multiplexing platform suitable for manual use.

EasyPlex4 was created to bridge the gap between time-consuming manual testing and high-cost automated diagnostics. With this in mind, Celtein has engineered a microplate that fits existing laboratory equipment.

With a more efficient system in place, lab throughput increases, resulting in an increase in revenue for all research and diagnostic labs.

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